Monday, January 20, 2020

Am I actually Non-binary?

Lately, I've been thinking more about my internal gender identity. I feel like I don't really have one. There's nothing inside my mind that's telling me that I'm female, male, or anything else. Thinking about how I've felt about my gender in the past, I'm starting to warm to the idea that I'm actually Agender and always have been. I think the label "transfeminine agender" fits me, but I still want to call myself a trans woman based on my presentation. I'm not sure if I want to use the label "non-binary", though. It depends on the definition. My hesitance to use it feels like my hesitance about using "pansexual". It's mostly the worry that it doesn't fit me. I have an image of "non-binary" or "agender" as someone who is androgynous in appearance, even though there are people like Riley J Dennis who are non-binary but are very feminine and use she/her pronouns.

My hesitance might also be the concern that I do have an internal gender identity but just don't realize it. Does my desire to be female in every way possible mean that my internal identity really is female? Does my desire to have an internal sense outright telling me that I am female mean that my identity is female? Is that what an internal sense of gender is - a desire to be a specific gender?

Some things are clear, though. I am much happier with myself since transitioning. I love the name Katie. I love my full name, Jennifer Kathryn. I love when other people see me as a girl, and I love seeing myself as a girl! My only regret is not transitioning sooner.

I don't think I'm going to use the label "Non-binary", at least not right now. This is a topic that I re-visit once in a while, so things might change in the future. I have a ton of respect for non-binary people. There's a lot of hatred for them out there, even from some trans people, mostly due to misunderstanding what they are and what they're trying to accomplish.

So, shoutout to all the lovely enbies out there! Y'all are awesome!