Monday, July 01, 2019

I got it!

I finally got my birth certificate amended! I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer, because I hadn't heard anything about the court case since it was filed back in October. I decided to stop by the Office of Vital Statistics in Topeka to get it updated in person so I wouldn't have to wait weeks for it.

While Scrydan and I were in Topeka, we decided to visit the Equality House, across the street from the hateful church whose name I won't repeat here. I didn't realize they actually had two houses, the original one with the rainbow colors, and one right next door with the transgender pride flag colors.

What struck me about the house is how open it is compared to the "church". They claim to be Christian, but what would Jesus think of a church with an 8 foot high fence, covered with signs warning about a video surveillance system, with automated gun turrets scanning the lawn? Okay, I made that one up, but the place totally struck me as the kind of place that would have them. Not to mention the giant signs with homophobic slurs on them.

The Equality House is the perfect response to this kind of hatred. While the "church" uses its First Amendment rights to spew hatred, it is countered with a message of love, acceptance, and inclusion.

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Unknown said...

woot woot! Congratulations, Katie!!