Thursday, April 30, 2020


I just did my first self-injection of estradiol valerate earlier! It went pretty well, even though I was extremely nervous and my hands were shaking. I recorded the process so I could review it - it took 22 seconds to actually stick the needle in. I'm sure it will get easier with time.

My doctor initially prescribed estriadiol cypionate, but it's not available as a generic, only under the brand name Depo-Estradiol. She changed it to estradiol valerate, which is generic and seems to be more common anyway. My insurance would cover the EV, but not completely. It was actually cheaper with GoodRX, with the caveat that it doesn't apply to my deductible. Yay, privatized healthcare.

On the subject of estradiol, I read an article about a clinical trial where doctors are going to try giving transdermal estradiol to cis men who test positive for COVID-19, because data shows that women are more likely to survive. I really hope this doesn't cause a shortage. There are already nutjobs making up stories about how this whole thing is a conspiracy to feminize men and turn them into "soy-boy cucks" or "simps" (or whatever their latest slur is for men who don't fall in line with what they think a man should be), with a good deal of racism thrown in for good measure. It's the kind of thing you laugh at until you realize they are 100% serious.

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